Nordic Political Science Association NOPSA

Welcome to the website of NOPSA, the Nordic Political Science Association where we have assembled several pages of information about the association and what its function is.

This is an international and multilingual organization composed of the national associations for political scientists in the nordic countries. NOPSA is also know in the Finnish language as "Nordisk forening for statsvitenskap, Nordisk forbund for statskundskab or Pohjoismainen Valtiotieteellinen Yhdistys".

These web-pages will reflect the multilingual nature of the association through a multilingual apporach and may contain material in any of the Nordic languages (which will be marked as such) and in English.


There were several meetings and conferences in the past attended by members of the association and it may be of some interest to recreate the information and publish it on this website. The XVI Nordic Conference was held in Vaasa, Finland, August 9-12, 2011. I will be attempting to locate and formulate the notes from the conference into an English translation for the interest of anyone who wants to learn about it.

There is an abundance of useful information that will cover many related topics ranging from simple political correctness through various exposition events that will be related in some way or another to the subject of this site to all kinds of dust bureau occurrences that may manifest from time to time.

Note: This website is being recreated from its original publication and may take some time to rebuild, page by page as data is located and re-written for publication. Please be patient with me while I continue my researches in order to provide you with more information as it becomes available. Thank you.